Saturday 28 July 2018

A short piece I wrote to explain to folk at Norwich Pride why Christians at Pride are celebrating - both LGBT+ and allies.


                                      Why we are here

Some of us are here because we are LGBT+ Christians and we want to enjoy the day along with everyone else - and to show that there are many who are both gay and Christian!

Others of us are here with our LGBT+ fellow Christians because we wish to celebrate with them and thank God for the great and colourful diversity of all creation!

We also want to say ‘Sorry’ to all LGBT+ because the Church has often been very unfriendly, openly hostile and homophobic. Sadly there is still far too much of that around. We are offended by all this negative and hostile stuff. We want to shout loudly that God loves all humanity, male and female, gay and straight, trans and intersex - and all of us who are still trying to work it all out. 

Traditionally the Church has said that to be gay is not what God intends for anybody. We strongly disagree! God made us all in our rich diversity and loves us all equally. God wants us all to be able to rejoice in who we are and how we are made.

Jesus never said anything against being gay or trans etc ...  Rather, he came to show God’s love to all - and was drawn particularly to those in his day who were marginalised. Today we are sad (and angry) that so many LGBT+ people, are marginalised, and much worse. Like Jesus we want to include and embrace all equally. 

We are sad, as noted in a recent survey, that many LGBT+ are afraid to hold hands in public. We are glad that today in Norwich holding hands is fully OK  - as a sign of friendship, acceptance, and love!

Let’s celebrate!

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